Family Violence Victim Advocate (FVVA)

The Family Violence Victim Advocate (FVVA) program ensures that victims of domestic violence and their families receive services and support while they are involved in a criminal court case.  FVVA’s partner with victims and legal professionals to enhance victims’ safety and to ensure victims’ rights are protected and their voices are heard, all while holding offenders accountable. FVVA’s provide immediate services to victims, beginning either before or at arraignment, and work with the victims throughout their court involvement.

Victims receive the following information, support, and on-going services from the FVVA’s throughout their involvement in court:

  • Support navigating the court system;
  • Assistance preparing a victim impact statement;
  • Advocacy for their wishes in court;
  • Updated information on cases regarding continued court dates;
  • Information and education about protective orders and the application process for civil restraining orders, and assistance with protective order modification;
  • Telephone and/or in-person counseling and advocacy;
  • Referrals to appropriate domestic violence programs for shelter, counseling and advocacy, and additional support services;
  • Referrals to community-based agencies for collateral services;
  • Referrals for children and dependents of the victim;
  • Registration with the Department of Corrections Victim Notification Services; and
  • Information and assistance regarding the application for criminal victim compensation.