How many people does Safe Futures help?

Last year Safe Futures:

  • Sheltered 168 women, children and men fleeing abuse.
  • Provided housing, life skills training,  education and support to 76 homeless women and children transitioning to independent living.
  • Counseled 5,685 people seeking assistance for domestic violence and/or sexual assault through hotlines, court-based advocacy and walk-in counseling offices.

What is Safe Futures’ educational reach in the community?

Last year Safe Futures:

  • Educated more than 9,000  members of the community in strategies to prevent violence and recognize the signs of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • About 3,800 of those were school children in grades K through 12, who were in our Violence is Preventable programs in area schools.

Do you use volunteers?

Last year, 256 volunteers gave over 7,900 hours of time answering hotline calls, sorting donations, and providing administrative support, among other tasks.  Groups did such things as grounds clean-up and “extreme makeovers” in our residential facilities.  See our Volunteer page for more information.

How is Safe Futures Funded?

About half of Safe Futures’ operating budget comes from state, town and federal grants and funding.  Another 15% of funds come through the United Way, both in personal designations as well as from general funds distributed through the United Way of Southeastern CT.  As you might guess, these funding streams become less and less secure every year.  That’s why Safe Futures relies on gifts from individuals so that we can continue to provide needed services at no cost.  Safe Futures’ Board of Directors and Development staff are actively involved in implementing a sustainable model of support where no one funding stream is relied on too heavily.

For more information, contact Emma Palzere-Rae, Director of Development & Communications or call her at (860) 447-0366 x203.

What is the Polaris Society?

Members of the Polaris Society are donors who have made a minimum commitment of $1,000/year for five years.  There are three levels in the Society:

  • Saving Lives: a pledge of $1,000 each year for five years. $1,000 is approximately the cost to ensure that, for one week, a trained advocate will respond with the police to 911 calls for help.  This gift helps save the lives of 12 victims in crisis, each year, for the next five years.
  •  Restoring Hope: a pledge of $10,000 each year for five years.  This gift restores access to vital, in-person, counseling and intervention services to victims living in and around Norwich, for one day each week, for the next five years.
  • Changing the Future: This pledge gives a far-reaching impact on the lives of youth in our community.  If you would consider a gift of $25,000 each year for five years, Safe Futures can provide its highly-acclaimed Violence is Preventable (VIP) education program to as many as 8 new schools – perhaps even an entire town – right here in New London County.  You would be helping young people develop the interpersonal skills that will create a safe future for them and our whole community, for many years to come.

Companies and  foundations may also participate in the Polaris Society.

For more information, contact Emma Palzere-Rae, Director of Development & Communications or call her at (860) 447-0366 x203.

What if someone I know needs help?

We are here to help anyone who needs assistance.  Please visit Help Someone I Know and What is Domestic Abuse? for more information or contact us.